5 things recruiters are looking for.

Learn about the top candidate assets recruiters are looking for when hiring.

When it comes to hiring, recruiters have various customized options of screening the profile of a potential candidate. However, there are several personality traits and key points that employers of every hue are actively looking for.

#1 show curiosity.

Everyone loves a curious spirit, especially when it comes to companies that are looking for the best candidates on the market. So, asking questions about the tasks, team, and expected results of your future job is extremely important in order to show your recruiter that you are interested in the job and their company.

#2 be agile.

In the context of adopting faster technologies and focusing on more efficient processes worldwide, the work environments are also forecasted to become more and more agile. This way, it is essential to revamp your agility skills - transparency, adaptability, flexibility and collaboration - and show them during the hiring interview. 

#3 track your success.

Whether you are naturally data driven or you are on the way to getting acquainted with metrics, tracking your success is significant. It helps you understand and demonstrate the impact that you have generated on your tasks, department and overall business.

Thus, think about your main responsibilities, what tools you used to perform them and what results you brought. 

#4 learn to sell yourself.

As the famous actor Burt Lancaster once said, “sell yourself first if you want to sell anything”. Selling yourself requires a great deal of self-evaluation, identification of personal traits and assets that can be appealing to the recruiter and excellent communication skills in order to share the right message.

All these things combined are key when having an interview with any potential employer. 

Thus, take a few minutes and reflect. What are you good at? What are the top 5 competences that you have acquired in the last working years? How can you link them to the needs and requirements of your future employer’s business? 

Answer these questions and prepare your answer. Then, be ready to nail your elevator pitch.

#5 it’s a match!

Like any other professional or personal aspect, it’s needless to say that there has to be a match between your personal and professional assets and your employer’s needs and business predicted results.

That’s why, when applying for a job, make sure that you fulfill more than half of the requirements. This will undoubtedly help you be more aware of your rate of success as well as understand if that job is suitable for you.

Now, in order to do so, check the requirements of the job description and see what competencies you can focus on. 


All in all, when attending a job interview, make sure that you show how curious and eager you are about your future potential job, back up your answers with data and proven experience, show currently needed traits such as agility and simply sell yourself.

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alexandra rus
alexandra rus

Alexandra Rus

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