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adela ologeanu, randstad romania
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adela ologeanu, randstad romania
You do not need to upload a curriculum vitae to apply for this position, moreover as a simple solution you can apply with your Linkedin profile. Click on the "Apply" button and choose from the application options that requires not more than 2 minutes.
Our unique self-service framework allows teams to develop and operate end-to-end financial products built on custom data models that constantly evolve through each application’s lifecycle. Our low-coding platform enables business citizen developers to create, operate and scale full-featured financial service products 10x faster, at a fraction of costs.

The most important skill we're looking for is having a logical, process-oriented mind and, also, a creative mind.
You should care a lot about user experience.
You'll learn about the business processes, learn some coding, learn about UX, learn about databases and learn about the customer.
Every project will teach you something new.



Job description

- your job will be to build demo apps on top of the company platform
- you will be using our browser-based app development studio to combine the building blocks that company offers into a easy to use, functional end-user experience
- is a mostly visual process that requires you to understand the business process the app will be used for and then implement the required steps using HTML/CSS for the interface and a little bit of Javascript for functionality
- more advanced use cases might take you into a bit of SQL and data visualization as well/you can pick up on the job
- your work will be directly used by our sales department to showcase what the company can do to specific clients


- basic HTML/CSS (responsive) and Javascript are required
- if you know about Bootstrap and completed any kind of Javascript tutorial, you'll have a great start


- Very flexible schedule
- A young and determined team
- Each project is challenging and will teach you how to use new tools
- Salary is aligned to the market and depends on your experience
- 500 € / year - G member
- Private medical insurance