benchmark your salary with the market salary ranges

Based on the salary data of positions advertised by Randstad in the past 6 months our salary calculator reflects the available salary ranges in specific roles at the labor market. Insert you current gross month salary in the calculator to compare it to the market average.

*The salary you enter into the calculator is stored anonymously, so this information will not be included in your personal profile.

how to use.

Please choose your field of specialty from the drop-down menu and select the role that matches your present position the most. Enter your current gross monthly base salary to get/see your market benchmark.

In case of sales-oriented roles where the fix base salary is extended with performance-based variable elements as well please add one month bonus to your monthly gross base salary/extend your monthly gross base salary with one month bonus to get a realistic comparison. In case of such roles the salary calculator shows the gross month salary including an average of 20% bonus.

In case of junior roles we took 0-2 years, in case of medior level 2-5 years, with senior level more than 5 years relevant work experience.

check your salary.