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The war in Ukraine is shaking us. Many people are forced to leave their country. At Randstad, we want to give Ukrainian refugees a professional perspective and to help them a job in Romania.

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All the people who leave Ukraine can enter Romania through any of the official border crossing points. Here there are a few things you might find useful in Romania.

  • What documents do I have to present at the border to enter Romania?

    If you have Ukrainian citizenship, you can enter Romania with the status of short stay, presenting a simple or a biometric passport at the border control.

    Don't worry if you don't have a passport! You will be able to enter Romania with or without another identity document, if you apply for asylum at the border point.

  • Can I enter the territory of Romania without any identity document?

    It is possible to enter Romania without any identity document if you apply for asylum at the border crossing.

  • What documents are needed to cross the border into Romania with a child or a minor?

    All children coming from Ukraine are accepted in Romania. It is also recommended to have a minor's identity card or a birth certificate.

  • Is access to Romania allowed for Ukrainian men as well?

    Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 are allowed access to Romania if they meet the conditions for leaving Ukraine and for those entering Romania. Boys under the age of 18 and men over the age of 60 can leave Ukraine and enter Romania.

  • I am Ukrainian. Do I need a visa to stay in the country or register at the authorities?

    Children and their families fleeing Ukraine can stay in Romania for 90 days without a visa. You don't have to worry about being forced to return home after this time. You are not required to present travel documents when crossing the border if you are trying to escape the armed conflict in Ukraine, but you may be required to present a personal identity card, so don't forget to bring the most important documents with you: internal passport, foreign passport, birth certificates. To travel without a visa to the countries of the European Union that have agreed to allow this - the Schengen area - you will need a biometric passport - passports that have a chip that can be scanned electronically. Biometric passports have an icon on the front that looks like a sign with a dot in the middle. In many countries, you will need to register via the national authorities, UNHCR, or local authorities for assistance. For more information regarding the registration procedures in Romania, see the UNHCR Romania website.

  • Which border points can be used to enter Romania?

    In order to enter Romania from Ukraine you can use the following border points: Halmeu, Sighetu Marmației, Siret, Isaccea. You can also reach Romania through the Republic of Moldova, using the border points: Rădăuți - Prut, Albita, Sculeni, Ungheni, Stânca Costești, Oancea, Galați.

     The waiting times for each border to Romania can be checked in real time here. Details of the situation at the border points in Ukraine here.

    For questions about access to Romania, you can also call the Romanian National Council for Refugees (CNRR) at +40 730 073 170.

  • How can I apply for asylum in Romania?

    An asylum application can be submitted by any foreigner who is in Romania or at a border crossing point. People are considered asylum seekers from the moment they demonstrate their availability, expressed in writing or orally before the competent authorities, showing that they request the protection of the Romanian state.

    If you have already arrived in Romania and want to apply for asylum you can go to one of the six Regional Accommodation Centers and Procedures for Asylum Seekers.

  • Do I have access to medical services in Romania?

    Those who come from the area of ​​armed conflict in Ukraine and enter Romania, even if they choose to apply for asylum or not, benefit from temporary accommodation and medical assistance such as:

    - primary health care and appropriate treatment

    - emergency medical assistance

    - free medical assistance and treatment in cases of acute or chronic diseases that endanger their lives, through the national health care system;

    They also have the right to be included in national public health programs aimed at the prevention, surveillance and control of communicable diseases in situations of epidemiological risk.

  • Can I study in Romania?

    All children and young refugees from Ukraine, who want to enroll in the Romanian education, have this opportunity. In Romania there are 45 schools, 10 high schools and three universities that teach in Ukrainian. Children can also continue to learn their mother tongue through the platform approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. For Ukrainian students who want to learn the Romanian language, the school inspectorates will create the necessary conditions and will ensure adequate human resources for the request.

    If you do not have documents proving your studies in Ukraine, the Romanian higher education institutions will evaluate, based on their own criteria and in accordance with good international practice, the learning outcomes, competencies and abilities and will decide on the recognition and award. transferable study credits.

  • What procedure do I have to follow to get a job in Romania?

    The right to work: You can do this under conditions identical to those of Romanian citizens. If you are an Ukrainian citizen, you have entered Romania legally and you have not requested a form of protection (for example asylum), you can work without having a job permit. You will not need to obtain a visa to get a job. If you want to work in a field in which you have experience or for which you have studied and do not have the necessary documents (diplomas, certifications, attestations) you will give a statement on your own responsibility that you have had training or experience in the field (one one of the requirements is not to have active criminal acts). This declaration is valid for 12 months, but can be extended for 6 months or 1 year, during which time you will have all the rights and obligations provided by the labor law. If you have studied medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, architecture or any liberal profession and you want to work in Romania, you must have the necessary documents.

    Also, the Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Romania due to the armed conflict can benefit from measures to stimulate employment, as well as protection within the unemployment insurance system, under the conditions provided by law for Romanian citizens, provided they register with the agencies. for the employment of the county, respectively of the Bucharest municipality. See here the free services offered by ANOFM (National Agency for Employment).

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