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georgiana catalina paduraru, randstad romania
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georgiana catalina paduraru, randstad romania
NU este obligatoriu să vă înscrieți CV-ul pentru a aplica pentru această poziție, dar dacă aveți o versiune actualizată, este un ajutor important pentru noi. Dacă nu este actualizat sau nu este disponibil acum, îl puteți încărca mai târziu, în orice moment când vă conectați la profilul dvs.
A Digital Developer creates web apps using a highly versatile browser-based application editor.
Each app you develop will make its way to tens of millions of customers across the world.



Job description

- define data models, creating the app's database
- define business workflows - passing and transforming data between various stages of the business process
- define validation and security access rules
- map out the user journeys - building out the apps's interface structure and logical flows
- insert and configure a variety of interface components, putting them together in HTML and styling them with CSS (Bootstrap)
- integrate data automation processors (OCR, face recognition, video conferencing, digital signatures, etc) for more complex steps in the user journeys
- configure and interact with decision engines (scoring & rationalization)
- use JavaScript for advanced mathematical, logical and data manipulation tasks


- ability to design and implement data models in SQL
- good handle of HTML and CSS, including the Bootstrap library
- good handle of JavaScript (mid-level), understanding of functions and parameters, a sync behavior and callbacks, variable scopes, array and string manipulation


- flexible schedule
- a young and determined team
- each project is challenging and will teach you how to use new tools
- salary is aligned to the market and depends on your experience
- 500 € / year - G member
- private medical insurance


Georgiana Catalina Paduraru