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javascript developer

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Bucureşti, Bucuresti
data postării:
miercuri, 10 noiembrie 2021
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JavaScript Developer

Responsibility and tasks

Your everyday tasks will consist of:

  • Improving our legacy code
  • Implementing automation testing
  • Implementing and testing software features, which is used in 40 NATO countries
  • Helping replace older applications with new technologies and frameworks
  • Producing documentation and work with process development.


Preferred competencies

  • Experience with SCRUM as we take an agile approach to our work, and scrum is part of our day to day activities. Together we have created a strong team which ensures good cross-border cooperation.
  • You hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer/software engineering or similar
  • You bring a couple of years of experience as a quality-conscious developer
  • You have now reached a point where you are ready to make a difference in the world with your code, as our developers help the military to minimize the mistakes being made in mission-critical situations.
  • You enjoy challenging yourself with tasks which you maybe have not tried before. 
  • You are also quick to learn new code languages.
  • Perhaps you have experience with other technologies in the project:
    • Java
    • Scala
    • C++
    • ExtJS
    • TDD and MS Visual Studio


Minimum qualifications

  • You possess experience with JavaScript and scrum, have knowledge about object-oriented programming paradigms, and it is also important that you work according to Clean Code principles.
  • You are helpful and a team player 
  • You can work independently and with considerable freedom – and achieve high quality
  • You speak and write fluent English

What we offer:

  • An open-minded working environment, where we have focus on our employees and their wellbeing. 
  • We challenge each other, our work processes, and our technologies to ensure that we retain our position at the forefront of development. Your professional and personal development is our top priority, so you will be able to take courses and improve even further.
  • In the long term, you will also have an opportunity to take your career to the next level. You can look forward to exciting day-to-day work in which close teamwork with customers and colleagues is essential for making a difference and delivering world-class software.
  • Up to 23 vacation days, 21 days standard to which 2 more days can be added if you have more than 10 years of work experience
  • 3 sick days per year for all employees
  • A flexible benefit program - you can mix your benefits choosing from different kind of Services on a very dynamic platform – Benefit Online, such as:
    • Lunch 
    • Private medical subscription - you can choose from 3 providers
    • Private pension
    • Meal or vacation vouchers
    • Fresh fruits and daily pastries which you can enjoy together with a cup of good coffee or tea on our nice terrace.